Safe Dance Practice Policy

Prima Stage School aspires to provide:

  • Healthy and effective dance training
  • Fit, healthy, confident, accomplished dancers
  • Responsible employment of teachers taking into account dance specific industry recommendations in addition to statutory health and safety requirements.
  • All teachers to maintain Continuing professional development.

All dancers will have a right to:

  • Be taught safely and effectively by an appropriately qualified and experienced teacher.
  • Education in and access to up-to-date information on healthy dance practice, injury prevention and dance science.
  • Safe and appropriate spaces to work in.
  • An environment that allows for adequate rest, nutrition, hydration.
  • An environment that is conducive to psychological as well as physical health in order to meet the performance demands of the dancer-athlete.


  • A basic introduction to warming up and cooling down, nutrition and applied anatomy demonstrated through the teaching.
  • Explanation from the teacher for students (and parents) on why these are important and how they apply to healthy dance practice.
  • Information on injury prevention and management.
  • Information on the growth spurt.


  • The application of the above in and through the teaching of dance.
  • Basic first aid and the contents of a dancer’s first aid box.
    Continuing Professional Development to be maintained
  • Being a member of the IDTA that will ensure access to up-to-date information and news of developments in the field.


  • All students will receive a safe warm-up to prepare for their class
  • Dance Studio – the requirements for safe and optimal dance practices are:
    •  A clean, non slippery floor with the appropriate surface for the type of dance
    • An uncluttered floor
    • A high enough ceiling to allow jumping, leaping and lifting without obstruction.
    • Enough space so that when limbs are outstretched each dancer has enough personal space not to come into contact with an obstruction/fellow dancer.
    • Natural lighting
    • Well-ventilated.
    • Heating able to be maintained at a comfortable 21c.
  • All apparatus is checked that it is safe and in excellent condition
  • All hand help props are in a good and safe condition for use in dance
  • Music is at a comfortable level for young children’s ears
  • Students to wear appropriate clothing for the type of class they are participating in
  • Student’s hair to be tied back off faces
  • No wearing of jewellery


Prima Stage School will have in place the following policies as appropriate:

  • Child protection.
  • Health and Safety – general.
  • Injury prevention and management.